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Our flat fee MLS service is now available in all of Puerto Rico.  The MLS simultaneously lists the properties on Realtor.Com day (the most sought after website with the highest ranking).  MLS exposure brings the cooperation of over 500 Realtors and their qualified buyers.  It features over 6,000 listings.

When you and an agent consent to a discounted commission that's what you usually get, a discounted service.  If a company says they do co-broke you should ask if they list your property on the MLS.  Not doing so can harm your chances of selling faster.  Your home needs to be exposed on the MLS!

$1,500 FLAT FEE MLS (Listing fee paid at time of listing) INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING:

1. CMA (Comparative Market Analysis). Critical in establishing the market value of your home.

2. MLS (includes Realtor.com; Santander.com; sjboard.com; San Juan Star) Listing entry with 9 color photos.

3.  IDEAL REALTY WEB PAGE:  www.kuilanpr.com with 34 color photos and simultaneously shared with agents handshake, over 85 additional websites.



6. TUALIADO.COM with 15 photos

7. GUAME.COM with photos

8.  Real Estate.com.pr  with 50 photos

9.  Residenceguide.com


11. VIRTUAL HOME TOUR Movie of your home on all available websites.

12. SELLER DISCLOSURES & other necessary forms.

13. CUSTOM YARD SIGN with your telephone number on it.

14. COLOR FLYER'S (on line for printing from your home computer)

15. LOCAL NEWSPAPER ADS (El Nuevo Dia; San Juan Star; Todo Bayamon; etc/)


OPTION: VALUE PACKAGE - Add $1500 (transaction fee).

Due at closing of the property ONLY if you ask us to:

   1. Write an offer for buyers you find, or help you with negotiations when an offer from a buyer or another agent is presented to you, or you request our presence at your closing.

   2. Interpret the contract, write the counter offer, and negotiate the deal.

   3. Open escrow and supply all necessary information to the mortgage bank.

   4. Coordinate all activities with appraisers, pest inspections, home inspectors and buyer's agents.

   5. Handle all walk through and inspection negotiations.

   6. Track and expedite all loan processes.

If you find your own buyer, your savings add up that much more.  You agree to pay 3% BAC (Buyer's Agent Commission) only if there is a buyer's agent's accepted offer.

You tell us what you want to offer as the BAC (Buyer's Agent Commission).  We strongly recommend 3% BAC to make your listing competitive with commissions presently offered to buyer's brokers on other MLS listings, but the ultimate decision is yours.  However, we require that you offer a minimum 2 1/2 % commission to the Buyer's Broker for all listings placed in the MLS under the Ideal Realty Flat Fee program.

Sell to buyers direct or through a Buyer's Broker. 

Ideal Realty will be the MLS (Input only) broker.  You retain the right to sell the property yourself without a buyer's agent, under most circumstances.  There is only one EXCEPTION! In order to make buyer's brokers feel comfortable about receiving their commission if they show your listing and it results in a sale, you may not sell to that agents or broker's customer directly and circumvent a commission.  However, you may sell to any other buyer (so long as the buyer is not contracted with an agent to represent them.) that approaches you directly.

With Ideal Realty, when a member of the public who is not represented by a buyers agent or broker, sees your listing on Realtor.com or SJBoard.com he/she is linked to Ideal Realty where he/she sees your listing in detail and is furnished with your phone numbers.  If this happens, the buyer negotiates directly with you as a FSBO (for sale by owner) and you end up selling your property for only the $1,500 listing fee, without paying the 3% BAC commission.

Flat fee listings are for a 6 month period.  You may renew for another 6 months for an additional $800 payable after the first 6 month term is over.

*NOTICE: You are a For Sale by Owner and you are not represented by Ideal Realty or it's agent during your real estate transaction.  This flat fee program provides sellers an economical entry of your home to the MLS database and others.  It provides the seller no representation whatsoever, from Ideal Realty, or any participating MLS agent representing his/her buyer.  You are representing yourself as a "for sale by owner" simply with your home advertised on the MLS.

Sellers: If you desire representation from a listing Realtor, or need assistance with any offer negotiations, counter offers and contract preparations, additional forms of advertising, scheduling home inspections, pest inspections, appraisal or  closing assistance, we strongly recommend out "Full Service 5% Listing"