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In “Measuring Infinity,” the kinetic constructions of the Venezuelan sculptor Gertrud Goldschmidt climb, twist, dangle — and dazzle.

3/30/2023 5:19:09 PM

At an auction, 20 of Harry Bertoia’s “sounding sculptures” sold for millions. But his children can’t agree on the future of his work.

3/28/2023 2:47:04 PM

It takes two venues to contain diverse work from 50 years, connecting sexuality, childhood and her relationships with famous friends embedded in her art.

3/30/2023 11:35:23 AM

Joshua Reynolds’s “Portrait of Mai (Omai)” is considered Britain’s earliest portrait of a person of color. In an innovative arrangement, it will travel between London and Los Angeles.

3/31/2023 1:05:34 PM

She is joining Gagosian Gallery to expand her global profile.

3/30/2023 8:52:13 AM

One hundred works by the German artist will be a highlight of a new Berlin museum. But the building’s costs have ballooned, and Richter is taking a cautious approach to handing the pieces over.

3/31/2023 9:39:52 AM

Investigators said there was evidence that the bronze, on loan to the museum and valued at $25 million, had been stolen from Turkey.

3/31/2023 4:19:10 PM

With more than a dozen projects, the architect Markus Dochantschi of studioMDA is reshaping the state of the art gallery, one historic building at a time.

3/27/2023 4:31:26 PM

Want to see new art in the city? Check out Miyoko Ito’s singular abstractions and Martin Kippenberger’s brutal self-portraits.

3/30/2023 5:37:11 PM

Her clients were not celebrities but developers, Hollywood executives and philanthropists like herself, working behind the scenes in Los Angeles and elsewhere.

3/31/2023 11:59:59 AM