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The American sculptor is the second artist invited to occupy the sculptural niches on Fifth Avenue.

3/5/2021 6:39:07 AM

Some cultural institutions own apartments for their leaders to use. The Brooklyn Academy of Music decided to help its last leader buy one with a bonus of $968,000.

3/5/2021 4:41:24 PM

A new show in Manhattan displays the visceral posters for the gonzo journalist’s “Freak Power” campaign in 1970.

3/4/2021 1:01:19 PM

Its owner, a nurse living on the Upper West Side, flagged a worker at the Metropolitan Museum’s information desk. “Listen, nobody calls me back. I have this painting. Who do I need to talk to?”

3/1/2021 2:40:47 PM

The painting, “Tower of the Koutoubia Mosque,” was a gift to Jolie by Brad Pitt and is believed to be Churchill’s only World War II-era landscape.

3/2/2021 1:05:52 PM

The museum is returning the sculpture, which was looted from a temple in the 1980s. The move comes after researchers raised concerns about its provenance.

3/4/2021 1:26:22 PM

Our critic goes on a decluttering spree of her Instagram feed and finds some delightful surprises.

3/3/2021 1:26:49 PM

The Studio Museum in Harlem’s annual artist in residence exhibition; and Mildred Thompson’s “Wood Pictures.”

3/4/2021 10:53:50 AM

No barriers. No texts. No heavy gold fabric. At the museum’s two-year sublet of the Breuer building on Madison Avenue, it’s just you and the masters.

2/25/2021 1:09:29 PM

The Cy Twombly Foundation is taking the Paris museum to court over a renovation it calls an “aberration.” The timing of the dispute has raised suspicions.

3/5/2021 7:05:26 PM